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Case Studies

 Our OEM Optimization programs deliver hard savings and impact the bottom line.

Component Management Program for Electrical Material Manufacturer

When Fast-Rite initially started working with this client, manual processes and disorganization led to a chaotic shop environment, inconsistent usage, and volatility in supply requirements. Stockouts were a common problem, and overcompensation eventually created excessive inventory and overhead, as well as an increased workload for purchasing/procurement personnel. Multiple locations and variable product requirements only complicated matters.

Read the full case study here.

Security Equipment Provider Gains Inventory Management Efficiency

Fast-Rite implemented a sophisticated multi-staged VMI program to manage multiple points of use, hundreds of SKUs and dozens

A leading security equipment provider needed vending machines to control expensive MRO supplies. Extensive documentation is provided of user transactions including item, quantity, date and time used, and applicable user number. Fast-Rite monitors real-time transaction data and reships when a trigger point is reached.

Access is by authorized personnel only and can be limited or restricted by quantity, item or number of transactions within a specified time period or login. Data capture can be via swipe card, RFID, Key code or other methods. Data lockers can be added for larger items. Customers can access current inventory status usage.

Read the full case study here.

Hard Goods Manufacturer

Fast-Rite implemented a sophisticated multi-staged VMI program to manage multiple points of use, hundreds of SKUs and dozens of packing sizes and methods.

Our Site Managers are stationed in the customer facility, performing VMI tasks, MRP analysis and order functions. They provide data collection scanning services, replenish tote locations and direct material handlers for powered functions. Deliveries are made daily or more often if needed. They also serve as a front-line interface with the line and cell personnel to streamline the supply chain and provide an instant response to any inventory supply challenges. This reduces customer staffing requirements.

Major Lighting Manufacturer

This client uses our VMI program for their entire inventory. Fast-Rite employees capture and electronically transmit order data back to our plant where restock material is immediately packed, loaded into trucks and readied for the next shift delivery.

This lean system allows for greatly reduced on-site safety stock — only 4 hours of material. Inventory footprint has been virtually eliminated and raw material is able to be strategically placed either at, or near, the POU.

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