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Customer Testimonials

Fast-Rite exceeded my expectations in every aspect! From the moment I reached out to you to inquire about services, I was met with exceptional professionalism and genuine care for my needs. Your prompt responses and clear communication made the entire process seamless. Not only did Fast-Rite offer competitive pricing, but the quality of your products was outstanding. I was thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail and durability of the items I purchased. It’s evident that you prioritize excellence in every step of your manufacturing process. What truly sets Fast-Rite apart is your commitment to timely delivery. Despite my tight deadline, you ensured that my order arrived right on schedule, allowing me to proceed with my project without any delays. your reliability and efficiency are truly commendable.


We have used Fast-Rite’s VMI program to supply over 200 various components including fasteners, stampings and MRO items for many years. In the past, we had to review demand, place orders, record receipts, inspect, put away, pull parts and deliver to the line. Their VMI program greatly reduced or eliminated much of our purchasing and material handling overhead, and keep our bins supplied without loading us up on inventory. This allows our staff to focus on the A & B items where we can do the most good. Their site manager makes sure to check with our department leads to see if there are any critical needs.


Fast-Rite has been our supplier of choice for over 10 years for our 3 locations. Their component management program team fills our bins every week, eliminating the MRP work on our side. And the consolidated invoicing makes it a very simple process. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier, I would look to Fast-Rite.


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