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Solutions for enhanced manufacturing efficiency

It’s not easy to be a US manufacturer these days. The international competition is fierce.

Every cent spent on direct costs make it much more difficult to be competitive. And the new federal mandates for minimum wage increases creates a tremendous challenge to your manufacturing operation due to unavoidable payroll increases over the next few years. At Fast-Rite International, we are far more than just a component supplier. We provide solutions that can help maximize production throughput.

Our solutions can combine:

Maximizing work cell productivity through intelligent, ergonomically efficient design.

We represent world-class work cell and production line workstation solutions providers that maximize precious floor space, minimize walking wages and provide valuable employee resources with all they need to maximize their personal productivity in a safe, OSHA approved environment.

From highly efficient, well-lighted workstations with storage solutions that allow component resupply without work interruption, to complete Gantry solutions moving material overhead from one side of the plant to another, to machine guarding that keeps your employees safe and your workman’s comp costs down, our technicians can help you reduce risk and optimize human resources.

Highly efficient automated assembly tools that can reduce assembly time by over 50% with a typical ROI of under six months.

Fast-Rite represents the crème of the crop in automated assembly tooling. With over 6,000 auto-feed machines in operation, some for as long as 30 years, our tools have a proven track record of labor cost reduction, reliable operation with a minimum of down-time, and improved joint quality.

Our flagship DTI-5000 product can drive to torque or depth, without causing surface damage or scratching. And there’s only one moving part, so there’s much less to maintain. We can provide multi-spindle machines that can screw into multiple precise X-Y locations.

Smart robotic solutions that can take over repetitive and monotonous tasks.

Our collaborative robots reduce the dependence on manual labor without complicated programming. Our robots can work side-by-side with humans, require no complicated or expensive guarding, and meet OSHA safety standards.

This is a practical use of technology that integrates seamlessly into your manufacturing environment. Our robots can be trained within just a few minutes to perform multiple functions, so you can vary programs and applications depending upon your immediate needs.

And like humans, they have the ability to “feel their way”, and can adjust to deal with an application that’s slightly off-center.

Our technology tools provides solutions for achieving measurable gains in efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

We help our customers create a highly functioning, fluid, and efficient work infrastructure.

This allows us to be a true partner to our customers, helping them to optimize their production, space, and profit. Let us help you achieve sustainable operational improvements.

Robotic solutions

Fast-Rite can provide integrated Smart, Collaborative Robotic solutions that can take over simple, monotonous, ubiquitous work:

  • Fast Deployment & Change over
  • Robot training measured in a few hours instead of 200 hours of programming
  • ROI in months
  • No additional software costs
  • Environment-sensitive machines that can fulfill OSHA safety requirements while working without system guards and fences
  • Usable by non-experts
  • Built-in intelligence / error handling
  • Can use for multiple functions by choosing different programs

What we do

  • Provide a first line of contact for potential solutions
  • Review potential applications
  • Identify solutions
  • Coordinate automation engineers for integrated solutions
  • Provide technology

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