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RIVLOC™ comes in a full line of inch and metric sizes in steel, stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, and aluminum. The RIVLOC™ technology of fastening and assembly is widely used in many applications.

  • Commercial vehicles, public transport, special vehicles, rail vehicles
  • Electrical and electronic products, high and low voltage switchgear
  • Food processing industry, ovens, juicer, snack bar
  • HVAC equipment, air conditioning fan, boiler,
  • Office furniture, cash register, desk, chairs, photocopiers
  • Construction and civil engineering, street decoration, greenhouse
  • Leisure facilities, rock climbing walls, cruise ships, swimming pools

RIVLOC Advantages

  • Blind rivet nuts and studs are the most versatile solution for adding a strong reusable internal or external thread to thin-walled work pieces, and keep an aesthetic appearance
  • Compatible with all substrates (steel, magnesium, aluminum, plastics, composites)
  • Corrosion protected – no additional finishing is required after setting, even with coated or painted components
  • Safe & eco-friendly solution
  • No fumes (no exhaust needed)
  • No heat
  • No heat impact on application surface treatment
  • No deformation (no material resistance)
  • No pollution
  • No risk to the operator

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