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The OEM Optimizer™

Stay ahead of the competition


Fast-Rite’s productivity experts will work closely with you to examine your operations, supply chain, and manufacturing processes to find ways to maximize your overall profitability and efficiency. We have saved our customers millions in productivity gains beyond component cost reduction savings.

Fast-Rite’s valued-added productivity programs will:

  • Streamline your operations
  • Analyze outsourcing opportunities
  • Examine employee usage
  • Identify potential savings opportunities
  • Eliminate waste
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Parts consolidation & standardization

From overall plant efficiency reviews to customized inventory management programs, Fast-Rite is committed to increasing our customers’ productivity. Following the production system mantra of “Go See”, our staff will come to your site to participate in customer kaizens, which is an ongoing process of stimulating productivity through continual improvement.

We’ll help you to implement Lean Distribution processes to squeeze every penny out of the system – which quickly adds up to substantial savings. We have saved our customers millions in productivity gains beyond component cost reduction savings.

Our Suite of Optimization Tools: Driving Efficiency, Productivity, and Profitability

Assembly & Feeding

Highly efficient Assembly & Feeding solutions that help maximize your production efficiency and quality.


Maximize your work cell productivity through intelligent, ergonomically efficient workstations.


Smart “trainable” robotic solutions that can take over repetitive and monotonous tasks.

More value added for you

Value Engineering

Experienced Engineering resources to help design inefficiencies to your component application experience.


Technical Training & Resources

We provide training on a host of technical subjects including fastener technology, materials, finishes, and more.


Spend Management

Our technology helps you reign in your spend, create, and enforce accountability while streamlining your transaction workload.


Our Fastener Technical Specification Guide

Seeking dimensional data, torque specs, tensile requirements, or technical details? Find it in our handy fastener guide.


Interested in our productivity programs?

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