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Having Trouble Finding Hydraulic Fittings?


Fast-Rite has a full line of JIC, SAE and BSP Hydraulic Fittings – domestic or import

Supplies are scarce! Some major manufacturers are facing line shutdowns and supply failure because of material and power shortages overseas, and empty distribution pipelines here in the states. That’s why Fast-Rite International is pleased to announce its full line of JIC, SAE & BSP hydraulic fittings.

We are an authorized distributor for Tompkins Industries. But we have not one but 8 different supply lines! We can take the work out of sourcing parts for you!

Most fittings are made offshore now, but do you need Made-In-America parts? Our partner factories can produce American-Made DFARS compliant product for you, shaving many weeks off the procurement cycle.

Why put all your eggs in one basket only to see your suppliers fail. Give Fast-Rite a call with the part numbers you need. We’ll source all lines and be back quickly with your quotation. In most cases we can supply you with MULTIPLE options based on current supply levels and production capacity.

Contact your Account Executive, call our Customer Service Team at 630-858-0988, or email us at

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