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Make Your Construction Projects Much Easier!


Fast-Rite is pleased to announce that we are now a proud distributor of Phillips Square-Driv® Wood and Composite Screws. These specialty screws are available for all our valued customers. 

These screws were developed to prevent the common woodworking problems of stripping, rusting, or a weak hold. The Phillips Square Driv® with Anti-Camout Ribs is a screw that just won’t strip. Coated with Durafast coating, this screw won’t rust or stain the wood – Guaranteed! And with the screw’s patented design that places more steel under the head at the torque point, it creates a stronger screw, and therefore a stronger hold to better support your projects.

These screws are manufactured under ISO9001 Quality Control monitoring and have the best warranty in the industry.

Fast-Rite International is proud to be a distributor of the Phillips Square-Driv® wood and composite screws. We at Fast-Rite are dedicated to constantly improving our service and we believe that adding these quality products will help us reach that goal.

Contact your Account Manager at 630-858-0988.

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